At Life Saving Training we’re passionate about empowering people to save lives through our well designed, environment specific First Aid and Pre-Hospital Care training. We consistently receive feedback telling us we’re not like other First Aid training providers. We're proud to offer a proven alternative to the ineffective, dull and downright outdated training that often exists in First Aid and Health and Safety training.

At Life Saving Training we work hard to create resourceful First Aiders who have the confidence and skills to help in real life emergencies. We go beyond standard to embed the ‘why’ into our learners, creating First Aiders that can think on their feet and are focused on achieving positive casualty outcomes in the real world — not just a training room.

We’re proud of our team. Our trainers aren’t simply ‘qualified’. They’re hand picked, one at a time from the best in the business. They all far surpass the minimum education and CPD standards required and have proven track records of being excellent communicators and trainers of their craft. Naturally, they have the necessary hands-on experience too. Becoming a trainer for Life Saving Training is no easy feat - but the difference to our clients is obvious.

Employers need to ensure First Aid training providers are suitable. Because we’re approved to deliver a whole range of regulated qualifications, we are fully compliant and therefore you are not required to conduct HSE due diligence checks on us.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about having a positive impact on all who we meet by saving lives through education. 

  • Leadership

    Leaders in our field whilst leading customers to better protect their businesses and people. 

  • Innovation

    We are continuously innovating and improving how people learn and perceive First Aid and Health & Safety training.

  • Quality

    High quality trainers and resources, for high quality training.

  • Value

    Outstanding customer service at a fair price, with bespoke solutions every time.

  • Integrity

    We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. 


All our courses are well thought out, with the perfect balance of theoretical and practical work. Our training is always up to date with the latest medical research and guidelines and we offer free updates when things change. We’re really proud of our training resources and our customers tell us they love all the equipment they get to play with!

We’ve invested in upgrading our manikins with ‘QCPR’ technology, meaning our learners receive direct feedback on the quality of their CPR there and then, via an iPad.

Research shows that the use of such feedback devices significantly improves CPR performance.

Who we work with

We train a variety of organisations — large and small, across a range of high to low hazard sectors and environments like offices, schools, hospitality, retail, in engineering, manufacturing and construction, in sport and the great outdoors. Just check out some of our testimonials below to see who we’ve worked with and what they think.

Where we work

We’re based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East and travel throughout the UK to deliver in-house training and qualifications in First Aid and Health & Safety. We also use local training venues to suit different courses and you can securely book our training courses online. Now that's convenience!

We're a dynamic bunch, passionate about changing the face of the Health & Safety industry.

What Our Clients Say

We know we're miles ahead of standard, but don't just take our word for it...