Our Pre-Hospital Care Qualifications

ITC Advanced First Aid (24 Hrs)

QNUK Level 3 Award for First Responders (RQF)

QNUK Level 3 Award for the First Person on Scene (International) (RQF)

Medical Gases

QNUK Medical Gases Qualifications

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How will you benefit from Life Saving Training?

Our Advanced First Aid / Pre-Hospital Care training is available in Newcastle, and across the North East and UK. It is used by those who need to go beyond standard level First Aid, who may have access to more advanced medical equipment and resources. Typical learners can include Industrial First Aiders, Offshore Oil and Gas Personnel, Close Protection and Security Operatives, Emergency Responders, Emergency Services Personnel, Volunteer Search and Rescue Personnel and anyone with an interest in going beyond standard level First Aid.

It meets and exceeds the minimum standards set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and uses our systematic approach to enable our First Aiders and Pre-Hospital Care personnel to confidently and effectively respond to various medical incidents. It is consistent with ERC 2021/ILCOR2021/UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines. It meets The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Faculty of Pre-hospital Care (FPHC) Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) guidelines at level B and our Pre-Hospital Care courses regularly meet level D.

Life Saving Training offers a modern, proven alternative to the outdated and ineffective training that litters the world of first aid. We empower learners by placing them at the centre of everything we do. We focus on positive casualty outcomes and provide skills that work in the real world. Our specialised training results in guaranteed increased confidence and a higher retention rate of knowledge and skills. Our Life Saving Training saves lives.


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