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Defibrillator Pads for Children

Can you use a defibrillator/AED on a baby?

By Life Saving Training | February 14, 2018

The question whether you can use a defibrillator/AED on a baby should be put to rest. According to the Resuscitation Council UK, although there is limited evidence of using defibrillators on infants under the age of one, they recommended that it’s better to use an AED on a non-breathing infant than not. https://www.resus.org.uk/faqs/faqs-defibrillators/ Where a…

Tourniquet Placement Update

By Life Saving Training | February 6, 2018

Applying a tourniquet to a limb in the event of catastrophic bleeding dramatically increases a person’s chances of survival. Based on the latest medical research, updates to tourniquet placement have been made which we want to share with you. Tourniquet placement isn’t just something for the battle field – it’s for any situation where blood…

Top Tip: How to access public access defibrillators!

By Life Saving Training | December 21, 2017

People often say when they’re on our courses that they’re not sure how to get into public access defibrillators because the box is locked. These machines really can mean the difference between life and death, so the more people who know how to access them, the better. Watch this short clip to find out how!…

The Defibrillators Availability Bill 2017

By Life Saving Training | November 20, 2017

People are finally seeing the benefits of having early access to defibrillators and people having the confidence to use them. We strongly welcome the Defibrillators Availability Bill and what this means for survival rates. When a person suffers cardiac arrest, their chances of survival decrease by 10% for EVERY minute that passes. Not great in…

Not Your Average First Aid Training

By Life Saving Training | October 16, 2017

Almost two weeks ago a Basic Life Support enquiry came in from a group of researchers at Newcastle University. They were about to embark upon a 5 year coral research project around the pacific islands of Palau (not jealous at all). Image credit: Lonely Planet. They were looking for Basic Life Support training including the…

New AED location sign!

By Life Saving Training | August 17, 2017

It makes sense that as a First Aider, when you need an AED (defibrillator) in a public place – you need to be able to recognise one. You’ll probably also need to describe what one looks like if you send a bystander to fetch one. This is especially true now there’s a new AED location…

Life Saving Training Sponsor The Stocksfield Vipers

By Life Saving Training | July 4, 2017

Out on a training field in Northumberland in the village of Stocksfield, are a group of young talented lads.  They’re called the Stocksfield Vipers and are a dab hand (or should that be foot?) at the game of football.  They dart about the field with expert precision and skill in bright orange football shirts donned…

what to expect during first aid training

What to expect during First Aid training?

By Life Saving Training | June 26, 2017

First Aid training could be the most important course you’ll ever take. Having the skills and confidence to be able to help someone in need is hugely empowering and can save lives! Knowing what to expect during First Aid training is not always clear however. It’s natural to feel daunted beforehand, especially if you’ve been…

Where is my nearest defibrillator / AED?

By Life Saving Training | May 9, 2017

How quickly you can find the nearest defibrillator / AED can be a matter of life and death. When someone is in cardiac arrest and not breathing, every second counts. If a defibrillator is used within the first 4 minutes of a person suffering a cardiac arrest, their chances of survival can increase to 70%, compared…

Woman attending collapsed man

How often should you refresh first aid training?

By Life Saving Training | April 19, 2017

How often you should refresh first aid training is a question we get asked a lot and it’s a good question to ask! After all, it’s important to be sure you’re up to date and confident in your life saving skills! This means you’ll be more effective at helping others and less likely to panic…