Professional Partnership paves the way with Pentagon Assurance

Professional partnerships can make excellent business sense, which is proving to be the case for our partnership with Pentagon Assurance.  Pentagon Assurance work with clients in many sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, energy, and construction to manage risk, implement change and safely manage projects.  Businesses with employees who are skilful and confident in First Aid, can…

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Part Funded Defibrillator Programme in the North East!

Our latest life saving initiative offers part funded defibrillators to support small charities and sports clubs in the North East. The good news is we’ve part funded the first defibrillator! Life Saving Training is built on a vision to help save more lives through effective First Aid training that works in the real world. We’re…

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Successful Launch of the First Responder Course!

First Responder training

The new year brings new and exciting offerings to our valuable clients – with advanced level First Responder training being one of them! Almost 60% of people who die through injury in the UK could be saved by basic bystander First Aid. And in the UK, less than 10% of people who suffer an out…

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Saved by the bell? Not this time! Life Saving Training saves school staff from tedious training!

School First Aid

At Life Saving Training, we love working with schools for School First Aid. Schools are cornerstones of our communities who nurture the next generation. Staff in schools work tirelessly to support their students, their families and their school culture. They’re often on the front line, looking after the safety of their learners, colleagues and visitors.…

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Why we believe in Mental Health First Aid training

Mental Health First Aid

Life Saving Training’s mission since 2013 has been to save lives and better protect workforces and communities. So far this has been through our unique First Aid and Health & Safety training that is effective, works in the real world and memorable for all the right reasons. We’re excited that we’ve expanded to include Mental…

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‘QCPR’ Technology Improves CPR Performance

First Aid Manikin

At Life Saving Training we’re using an electronic feedback device (QCPR) to improve your CPR It’s no secret that we use fake plastic people (or part thereof) to help people learn CPR. Our manikins have always ‘clicked’ to let learners know whether they’re compressing the chest deep enough, however there’s more to effective CPR than…

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Life Saving Training Sponsor The Stocksfield Vipers

Out on a training field in Northumberland in the village of Stocksfield, are a group of young talented lads.  They’re called the Stocksfield Vipers and are a dab hand (or should that be foot?) at the game of football.  They dart about the field with expert precision and skill in bright orange football shirts donned…

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What to expect during First Aid training?


First Aid training could be the most important course you’ll ever take. Having the skills and confidence to be able to help someone in need is hugely empowering and can save lives! Knowing what to expect during First Aid training is not always clear however. It’s natural to feel daunted beforehand, especially if you’ve been…

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First aid has been around since the 11th Century, so why do so few people know what to do when someone becomes ill or injured in the UK today?

Let’s look at the stats. Approximately 95% of the population in Norway are first aid trained. In Germany and Austria, about 80% are first aid trained. Here in the UK, the figure is more like 5–10%. That’s right, 90-95% of people in the UK don’t know what to do when someone becomes ill or injured.…

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