The Benefits of a Defibrillator

Quite simply, defibrillators save lives, as CPR alone is very unlikely to restart the heart. One question we’re often asked is “do I need an AED / defibrillator?”. It’s a great question to ask to ensure you’re properly assessing risks. For information and guidance, check out our handy blog here: Do I need an AED / defibrillator in my workplace?

We're all about offering impartial information and advice about the best kind of defibrillator for your needs. We're a registered reseller for a large, reputable online distributor and therefore we aren't tied in to any one particular manufacturer. This gives you access to a wide range of defibrillators at fantastic prices, often beating any price you'll find online!

If you have a particular machine in mind, just get in touch and we'll provide you with a quote. If you're not sure what might be best for your needs, simply ask for some advice and check out our handy Complete Buyer's Guide to AEDs. Having done our research and supported numerous clients when buying defibrillators, the two machines below come up trumps the most.

Heartsine Samaritan 350P / 360P

Suitable for a variety of working environments, HeartSine's Samaritan PAD 350P (semi automated) and 360P (fully automated) defibrillators enable both trained and untrained responders to act during a cardiac emergency, with confidence.


What's Included?

1 Adult PAD PAK - 4 Years Battery Life - Carry Case - AED Armor Rescue Kit - Quick Reference Instruction Card - 8 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight, only 1.1kg
  • Robust, with an IP56 Rating
  • SCOPE biphasic technology: escalating, low-energy waveform adjusts to the patients requirements
  • Easy-to-follow visual and verbal guides
  • Automatic shock delivery (on the 360P)
  • System Status Ready Indicator displays whether the device is ready for use

How Much?

These fantastic defibrillators can be ordered through us for £695 + VAT, including free delivery.

CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1

The iPAD SP1 (Semi Automated or Fully Automated) defibrillator is suitable for use in a variety of environments and comes equipped with a paediatric switch, allowing users to easily change the treatment from adult mode to paediatric mode without the need for changing electrode pads.


What's Included?

2 Pairs of SMART Electrode Pads (Suitable for Adults & Children) - Disposable Battery - Carry Case - 2 AED Starter Kits - 7-year Manufacturing Warranty extended by 3 years when registered

Key Features

  • Paediatric switch
  • Ambient-noise detector measures background noise and adjusts voice instructions accordingly
  • Integrated pad storage
  • CPR Detection – the defibrillator can detect when CPR is being performed
  • Visual indicator shows battery life, unit status and pad status
  • Internal memory stores the last 5 events/ 3 hours of data
  • Record event-data and transfer it with the built-in SD Card and IrDA ports

How Much?

These fantastic defibrillators can be ordered through us for £950 + VAT, including free delivery.

Interested in buying a defibrillator?

Simply contact us for a chat with no obligations to buy and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.