First Aid Tips: Foil Blankets or Space Blankets

Today’s top tip: Pop a space blanket or two in your car, First Aid kit, handbag or man-bag to protect a casualty from the elements. They’re tiny, light & might be the best couple of quid you’ve ever spent! Space blankets are great for keeping rain and snow off your casualty whilst you treat them and should reflect a high proportion of heat back to the casualty. Don’t forget, they’re also handy for you as a rescuer too.


They can make a real difference if you’re travelling light in the outdoors, such as when you’re orienteering, climbing, mountaineering or fell running as they can be used in a self help situation too. With a little bit of training, a space blanket can also be used to help protect someone with a suspected fractured pelvis. All this for less than the price of a pint of beer!


Go on, treat yourself:


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