Five benefits of eLearning for your business…

Curious about the benefits of eLearning? Great! At Life Saving Training, we’re firm believers in providing solutions that work. We help ensure you’re making the most of your time and money when getting your team effectively trained in what they need to know to protect themselves, each other and your workplace.

Our First Aid training is delivered face to face, but for many subjects within Health & Safety and Health & Social Care, eLearning can provide the ideal solution. Here are five key benefits of eLearning we’ve identified:

  1. It saves money – eLearning is competitively priced as it saves time for a training provider so cost savings can be passed directly on to the customer.
  2. It saves time – Learners can simply log on to the course and start right away, working at their own pace.
  3. It saves resource – Businesses don’t have to arrange a date when all learners can be in the same place at the same time. Training can be staggered and courses don’t have to be completed all in one go, so there may be less of an impact on business operations.
  4. It helps the environment – With fewer journeys being made to deliver face to face training and less paperwork being created, the environment gets a bit of a break too.
  5. It helps businesses track training – A manager responsible for staff training can track the progress of learners through an online management system. When learners complete their training, certificates can be downloaded and stored electronically, again saving trees!

Want to join the countless other businesses already benefitting from eLearning and help to move your business forward? If you’re interested in our range of approved Health & Safety and Health & Social Care online courses, simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements – we’re always happy to help. You can also register for a free trial on our website!