Emergency First Aid at Work (+F), First Aid at Work (+F), First Aid at Work Re-qualification (+F)

Forestry First Aid Chainsaw
Forestry First Aid

For Forestry First Aid in Newcastle upon Tyne, or closer to you, look no further. All of our standard workplace First Aid courses can be delivered in an Outdoor/Forestry context so they’re completely purposeful.

Our training is interactive, engaging and is consistent with ERC 2015/ILCOR2015/UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

The Forestry Commission recommends that Forestry and Arboriculture workers complete additional training in addition to the standard HSE compliant workplace First Aid courses.

The additional training is specifically designed for people who work in remote environments with machinery.

The additional content covers:

  • Catastrophic Bleeding
  • Use of Tourniquets and Haemostatic Agents
  • Crush Injuries
  • Lyme Disease
  • Hypothermia
  • PPE Removal
  • Suspension Trauma / Orthostatic Intolerance

The Forestry Commission only recommend Catastrophic Bleeding, Lyme Disease, Crush Injuries and Hypothermia as additional subjects, so our courses exceed the specified criteria.

This means that you’ll be fully prepared and confident in dealing with and managing incidents whilst on sites.

These courses are also suitable for Forestry and Fencing Contractors, Stalking Contractors, and anyone working on Forestry Commission land or rural contracts.

How are our courses delivered?

All of our courses are hands-on. We’ll show you how to do something – then you’ll have a go. We’ll practice how to deal with whole incidents, from finding someone in need to the point where they’re handed over to the professionals. After all, when someone becomes ill or is injured, you’ll need to manage the whole incident – not just be able to perform a couple of stand alone skills.

What our customers say

“By far the best First Aid course I’ve attended. Incomparable to others I’ve experienced and totally tailored to my needs. Lovely course leaders. Expertly delivered. Fun!”

Steve B, Newcastle Tree Services.


Group training in house at your premises will reflect the prices for the EFAW, FAW and FAWR with an additional £100 + VAT to cover additional time, resources and administration. Please contact us to enquire or make a booking - we’re always happy to help.

The standard timings for the EFAW, FAW and FAWR need to be adhered to, with extra time allowed for additional content. Therefore, timings will be extended by approximately one to two hours.

Prefer to speak to someone?

Simply contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.