Scuba Diving First Aid. At Life Saving Training we’re not your average First Aid provider…

Scuba Diving First Aid North East

Two weeks ago a Basic Life Support enquiry came in from a group of researchers at Newcastle University. They were about to embark upon a 5 year coral research project around the pacific islands of Palau (not jealous at all). Image credit: Lonely Planet.

They were looking for Basic Life Support training including the administration of Oxygen for scuba diving related incidents and were on a short timescale. Concerned they didn’t have enough time and that they wouldn’t have their specific needs met, we pulled out the stops and exceeded their expectations.

That’s what we do at Life Saving Training. We don’t just deliver off the shelf courses; we adapt and proactively create solutions for our clients. We’re also firm believers in working collaboratively in business, so we teamed up with the awesome Fifth Point Diving Centre in Blyth to create a bespoke course that perfectly met the needs of the learners.

The researchers had a great time, gaining practical experience and confidence in dealing with environment specific Scuba Diving First Aid emergencies. Once they’d practiced their Scuba Diving First Aid and Emergency First Response on dry land – we then transferred those skills to the water – practising in-water rescue breaths and unconscious diver rescue techniques, fully preparing them for their adventure in a remote location.

Just some of the amazing feedback we received:

“It was really difficult to find a course that meets our necessities and we were really lucky to find Life Saving Training. Thanks for adapting to our necessities. The course was perfect. It was also really nice that it was organised on a short timescale. Thanks!”

One of the researchers learnt to dive in the 1980s and said: “Excellent course. Everything was clear and extremely helpful. The best First Aid course for diving I have taken”.

Another said “I think our instructors were great. The course was very dynamic and relaxed”.

Other members of the research team are heading out to Palau later in the year who are also completing the training. We know happy customers come back to us time and time again. And, in case you’re wondering, we’ve already asked and unfortunately they don’t need any extra helpers in Palau!

After the course, the researchers contacted us for some fully independent advice on which Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to buy. As always, we offered lots of free support and advice so that they got the defibrillator that best suits their needs, at the best price available. You can find out more about defibrillators in our Complete Buyers Guide to Automated External Defibrillators

We love working with Nic and James at The Fifth Point Diving Centre to create the best Scuba Diving First Aid training and Emergency First Response Courses available across the North East and beyond.

Looking for PADI First Response and Rescue Diver courses in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or the North East? Need bespoke Scuba Diving First Aid training? Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and options.