Professional Partnership paves the way with Pentagon Assurance

By Life Saving Training | February 1, 2022

Professional partnerships can make excellent business sense, which is proving to be the case for our partnership with Pentagon Assurance.  Pentagon Assurance work with clients in many sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, energy, and construction to manage risk, implement change and safely manage projects.  Businesses with employees who are skilful and confident in First Aid, can…

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What are the benefits of First Aid Training for Mental Health?

By Life Saving Training | April 29, 2021

The main benefit is increased practical skills and confidence to have what may be deemed as difficult conversations. Ultimately, this could help save lives. You’ll also learn about the range of signs and symptoms to look out for. You’ll learn how to guide someone to further support. You’ll learn how to make improvements to your…

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Part Funded Defibrillator Programme in the North East!

By Life Saving Training | February 23, 2021

Our latest life saving initiative offers part funded defibrillators to support small charities and sports clubs in the North East. The good news is we’ve part funded the first defibrillator! Life Saving Training is built on a vision to help save more lives through effective First Aid training that works in the real world. We’re…

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First Responder training

Successful Launch of the First Responder Course!

By Life Saving Training | January 29, 2021

The new year brings new and exciting offerings to our valuable clients – with advanced level First Responder training being one of them! Almost 60% of people who die through injury in the UK could be saved by basic bystander First Aid. And in the UK, less than 10% of people who suffer an out…

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What should I carry in a rucksack/backpack?

By Life Saving Training | December 11, 2020

During our Outdoor First Aid courses we’re often asked “What should I carry I carry in a rucksack?”. Here we consider the sorts of things that may be useful to carry in case of an emergency. Whether you find yourselves in remote places through work or leisure, if things go wrong you may find you’re…

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First Aid during COVID-19: What you need to know

By Life Saving Training | September 17, 2020

Although there’s still some uncertainty around COVID-19 and when normal life will fully resume, one thing is certain – people will continue to choke. They’ll still bump their heads. They’ll have slips, trips and falls. People will continue to have heart attacks, cut their fingers – or worse. That’s life. We still need to help…

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Is Online First Aid Training Valid?

By Life Saving Training | April 17, 2020

Can I do my First Aid Training Online? Are online First Aid courses legitimate? We hear the above questions all the time at Life Saving Training. If you need First Aid for work – no matter where you work – then the short answer is no – you can’t just complete an online course. Appropriate…

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Working from Home

By Life Saving Training | April 8, 2020

Sometimes people baulk at the words ‘Health and Safety’. But this is literally about keeping people ‘healthy and safe’ – something that most feel is worthwhile. During the current Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak many people are leaving their usual workplaces to work at home. This can lead to changes for employers and employees alike. Employers Employers…

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Looking after your Mental Health and Wellbeing during the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic

By Life Saving Training | April 8, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak is having an impact on everyone’s daily lives. Everyone reacts differently, but these changes can lead to people feeling bored, frustrated or lonely. People may feel low, worried, anxious, or be concerned about their health or that of those close to them.  It’s important that you take care of your mind…

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CPR during Coronavirus

CPR during the Coronavirus Pandemic – Updated 11/06/2020.

By Life Saving Training | March 25, 2020

The Resuscitation Council UK has suggested some modifications to how we perform CPR during the Coronavirus pandemic. Every year, up to 60,000 people go into cardiac arrest in the UK. This is when the heart stops suddenly. Without treatment, they will die within minutes. 80% of cardiac arrests happen in the home, so it could…

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