Part Funded Defibrillator Programme in the North East!

Our latest life saving initiative offers part funded defibrillators to support small charities and sports clubs in the North East. The good news is we’ve part funded the first defibrillator!

Life Saving Training is built on a vision to help save more lives through effective First Aid training that works in the real world. We’re passionate about empowering others to have the skills and confidence to help make a real difference. 

More awareness is still needed however around the importance of life saving defibrillators, how anyone can use them, and to increase public access to defibrillators in our region.

Shockingly, in the UK the survival rate for out of hospital cardiac arrest is only around 8%. In Norway – through better CPR education and access to defibrillators – their survival rate is around 70%.

What are we doing to help?

So – the easiest way to improve the outcome for thousands of people every year in the UK is to train more people in effective CPR and improve access to defibrillators. 

That’s why we’ve launched a Part Funded Defibrillator programme to help small charities and charitable sports clubs in our region to buy a defibrillator at heavily reduced costs! 

When someone buys a defibrillator from us, 100% of the profit from the sale goes directly towards supporting local registered charities or CASCs get their very own life saving defibrillator.

How Businesses and Organisations can help

The latest purchase from Rebecca Loban at Number 33 Newcastle enabled us to part fund the first defibrillator for a local Duke of Edinburgh Award Unit, which works with young people in the region to build life skills. 

It’s fantastic that businesses like Number 33 Newcastle are supporting their clients with a defibrillator. Rebecca said –

“Helena has been excellent in providing us with valuable information (and answering my countless questions!), when deciding on which defibrillator to choose. After myself and another staff member trained with Helena’s team in first aid, we decided to get one on site. With there being a variety of working professions on our industrial estate, including children’s clubs, we felt it a necessity to get a life saving machine, especially during times of pressure on the NHS. 

Ourselves at Number 33, Access 2 and Key Enterprises split the costs, with Life Saving Training donating 100% of the profit to part fund defibrillators to small charities in the North East. We have the tools and the knowledge to save a life should the worst ever happen, thanks to Life Saving Training.”

Rebecca Loban from Number 33 Newcastle showcasing their new defibrillator and secure cabinet

The number of defibrillators we can part fund for charities, is directly linked to how many we sell to businesses. 

With access to all makes and model of defibrillator and consumables at amazing prices, just get in touch to not only better protect your own organisation and colleagues, but also to directly support charities.