Part Funded Defibrillators from Life Saving Training

Our mission has always been to help save lives, so we’re very excited to offer part funded defibrillators to registered charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) in North East England!

When someone buys a defibrillator from us at Life Saving Training, 100% of the profit from the sale goes directly towards supporting local registered charities or CASCs get their very own life saving defibrillator.

The number of defibrillators we can part fund for charities, is directly linked to how many we sell to businesses. We have access to all makes and model of defibrillator so if you know anyone looking to buy one, please send them our way! Check out our most popular models here.


How do I apply for a part funded defibrillator?

The process is simple and helps those in greatest need get the financial support available. Currently, we can only fund registered charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs in North East England - within 20 miles of NE1. Please also check out our terms and conditions to ensure you're happy with them before applying.

Depending on the model required, you’ll need to contribute just £350 + VAT for a Heartsine defibrillator or £595 + VAT for an iPAD SP1 defibrillator. We’ll fund the rest of the defibrillator - including carry case, pads, free replacement pads if used within the first two years of ownership and postage. Contributions to other models vary - simply get in touch for more information and advice.

Interested in applying for a part funded defibrillator?

Register your interest by completing an application form.