Professional Partnership paves the way with Pentagon Assurance

Professional partnerships can make excellent business sense, which is proving to be the case for our partnership with Pentagon Assurance. 

Pentagon Assurance work with clients in many sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, energy, and construction to manage risk, implement change and safely manage projects. 

Businesses with employees who are skilful and confident in First Aid, can very effectively manage and reduce risk as well as help implement behavioural change. 

Of course, that’s where we come in! 

Our partnership so far has seen us deliver private and on-site courses for Pentagon’s clients as well as ‘open’ courses which are ideal for companies who don’t have enough employees to make up their own private course. 

Barry Cooper, Director of Pentagon Assurance said recently, “Far from the ineffective, dull and outdated training that often exists in First Aid and Health and Safety training, these courses provide delegates with a fun day while giving them the opportunity to learn essential, lifesaving skills”.

Partnerships like this and collaborative working really are win-win – Pentagon Assurance can confidently offer an outstanding service via a trusted partner, and we can tap into a much wider client base and varying industries. 

Delegates working together to perform CPR and use an AED/Defribrillator.

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