‘QCPR’ Technology Improves CPR Performance

At Life Saving Training we’re using an electronic feedback device (QCPR) to improve your CPR

It’s no secret that we use fake plastic people (or part thereof) to help people learn CPR. Our manikins have always ‘clicked’ to let learners know whether they’re compressing the chest deep enough, however there’s more to effective CPR than just making a clicking noise.

QCPR in action: A learner is about to put breaths into a manikin using a face shield.

To help people learn effective CPR we’ve invested in some fancy new technology called QCPR. We’ve added some electronic wizardry into our manikins which links wirelessly to an iPad. This provides immediate visual feedback about compression depth, speed, chest recoil, whether the learner is getting effective breaths into the manikin and the time taken to deliver those breaths. It’s all pretty snazzy, but best of all the evidence suggests that this helps us create more effective First Aiders…

Wow – you’re still reading. In that case – here’s the science bit…

Technological Advances in Training

A recent study in January 2018 in Poland tested the assumption that a CPR feedback device improves the quality of CPR being given.

50 lifeguards were randomly assigned 1:1 to a feedback group and to a non-feedback group. After exercise, they were asked to perform CPR for 2 minutes. Compression depth and rate of adequate chest compressions/min improved significantly in the feedback group (overall average score of 84). The non-feedback group in comparison only scored an overall average of 69.


What’s our response?

Our trainers are frankly the best around. They’re highly skilled in training people, providing ongoing feedback and supporting learners. But why not give them a helping hand?

We recently introduced the ‘QCPR’ feedback device to all our manikins. Our learners can now immediately see how good their CPR is. They can even compete with themselves or others in their training group should they wish!


We’ve received some direct feedback from our learners too, that the technology has really helped and improved their enjoyment of the training session. “Being able to directly see how good my CPR was, at the time of doing it, was a real eye opener and good fun! I definitely know my technique is far better now for having had the visual feedback, there and then.”

Keeping up to date with the latest technology is just one reason why we’re a leading First Aid training provider. We keep up to date with the latest medical research too. This means our learners become a community of highly skilled first aiders, more likely to be able to save lives.

If you have any questions about any of the above, would like some advice or would like to receive some training, then simply get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

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