Saved by the bell? Not this time! Life Saving Training saves school staff from tedious training!

At Life Saving Training, we love working with schools for School First Aid. Schools are cornerstones of our communities who nurture the next generation. Staff in schools work tirelessly to support their students, their families and their school culture. They’re often on the front line, looking after the safety of their learners, colleagues and visitors.

School First Aid

We support a range of nurseries, primary and secondary schools and colleges, including both Local Education Authority and Academies. Helping schools to become safer environments for young people gives us an enormous amount of satisfaction.

We were recently contacted by a school in Newcastle, who were struggling to manage the various expiry dates of their First Aid certificates. They also struggled to comprehend the inconsistencies they’d received in training and the costs involved in sending staff members off site, almost one at a time. 

Listening to the challenges they faced, we discussed a flexible approach that would mean 12 of their staff members could all update their First Aid at Work training at the same time and we could save them money. They’d already spent time on our website before making contact and loved the sound of what we do, how we’re different and were really keen to work with us if we could make it work.

We simply created a training schedule that fitted in with their school timetable and a staff training day. It meant the training would take place over 4 days in a 3 week period – not a problem. 

From the beginning it was apparent that the school’s culture was really strong and they believed in the importance of top notch training to support their values. When the course started, this notion was definitely validated by the trainers who were welcomed with open arms. Everyone rallied round to help with all the equipment, and everyone was really engaged and up for a giggle too.

At Life Saving Training, our trainers are experts in training – as well as their subject. They’re learner focussed and work hard to ensure everyone can learn skills and gain confidence to effectively manage whole first aid incidents.

Delivering training to professional teachers who understand training can mean that scrutiny levels are turned up. However, within the first couple of hours, Ian was receiving comments like “We’ve learnt more from you in these few hours than we did on the entire of the last course we did!”

Each training session picked up where the last one left off, with everyone getting stuck in and embracing the practical way in which we train. We tailor every course to the audience and environment to ensure the skills learned are fit for purpose and that they’ll work in the intended environment. This lead to many specific discussions and scenarios around the particular first aid situations they may face. 

At the end of the course, Alistair and Ian were blown away by a very generous gesture from the school – hand signed cards for both trainers along with some edible goodies! We do what we do because we’re absolutely passionate about everyone having the confidence to deliver effective first aid, but it’s always lovely when clients show their appreciation too. 

All in all, the success of this delivery can be summed up by one of the candidates on the course – “Both trainers were absolutely brilliant in their approach and delivery. The best first aid training I have received in 35 years. Thank you!” 

We deliver a range of qualifications and courses for schools that are always tailored to the group, from Emergency/First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Forest School First Aid to online Health & Safety training. Our support always extends to legislation updates, defibrillator health checks and independent information and guidance on purchasing discounted defibrillators through the NHS Supply Chain.

Do you work in a school or know someone who does? Do you have children in school and would like their teachers and support staff to have the best possible first aid skills to look after your loved ones? Simply get in touch for a conversation, we’d love to hear from you!