ITC Certificate in First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Fitness, RQF Level 3 (1 day)

Sport First Aid Training

This Sport First Aid qualification is a one day course designed for Sports Coaches, Group Exercise Instructors, Sports Therapists and parents involved with sports.

As well as basic life support and illness management skills, this course includes knowledge and skills relevant to sports specific first aid.

We tailor all courses to your specific requirements. No previous experience is required and this certificate is valid for 3 years.

What’s covered on the course?

  • The role of the First Aider
  • Special considerations for the First Aider
  • Safe best practice and awareness of current regulations
  • Vital Signs
  • Airway Management and Safe Airway Positions (including dealing with gum shields where appropriate)
  • Incident Procedure – ‘Primary Survey’ and’ Secondary Survey’
  • ‘Return to activity’ decisions - SALTAPS
  • Recognition of concussion - Maddock’s Questions
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) - single and multiple - person scenarios
  • Practical use of a defibrillator/AED
  • First aid kit advice
  • How to recognise and deal with sports related illness and injuries

How are our courses delivered?

All of our courses are hands-on. We’ll show you how to do something – then you’ll have a go. We’ll practice how to deal with whole incidents, from finding someone in need to the point where they’re handed over to the professionals. After all, when someone becomes ill or is injured, you’ll need to manage the whole incident – not just be able to perform a couple of stand alone skills.

What our customers say

 “Life Saving Training provided a sport specific first aid course at our gym facility. The course was well ran, informative and hugely beneficial to myself and the members of staff. We are now much better prepared to serve our customer base in a first aid situation. Highly recommended!”

Jamie W, CrossFit Northumbria

“I'm a Fitness Instructor, personal trainer and Assistant Manager of a reputable Leisure Club, I did a sports specific training course with Life Saving Training. I've been on quite a few first aid training courses and this one is by far the best. The amount of information that was delivered far exceeded what I have previously experienced in first aid courses. The stand out thing for myself was the delivery of this information and practical work that coincided with it. The theory was also made more manageable via the use of visual aids and relating the information to a real life situation to try and give the information a more tactile feel. The timing and type of practical work was brilliant and delivered with real confidence reaffirmed the information we were learning. Lastly the the way the course had be tailored for my industry was extremely helpful as it targeted situations that are most likely to occur in my line of work. The content, delivery and structure of the day meant that I walked away feeling I had really learnt something and could be effective in a life saving situation.” 

Robert F, Athlete Lab, London

“The best first aid course I’ve been on bar none. The level of instruction was superb and covered everything we need for our industry. Highly recommended!”

Stephen M, Team Paragon Strength and Conditioning Facility


Group training in house at your premises from £495 + VAT for up to 12 people. Individuals - please contact us.

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