First Aid during COVID-19: What you need to know

Although there’s still some uncertainty around COVID-19 and when normal life will fully resume, one thing is certain – people will continue to choke. They’ll still bump their heads. They’ll have slips, trips and falls. People will continue to have heart attacks, cut their fingers – or worse. That’s life. We still need to help…

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Can you use a defibrillator/AED on a baby?

Defibrillator Pads for Children

A common question on our First Aid courses across the North East is whether you can use a defibrillator/AED on a baby. Shockable heart rhythms requiring defibrillation in children are more rare than in adults. However, they can occur. Therefore, the priority will always be to recognise the need for CPR, to provide high quality…

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Who invented the defibrillator?

First Aid Newcastle and North East

Thankfully, portable defibrillators are becoming more and more common and they can often be found in public places like supermarkets, train stations, leisure centres and even in rural villages. But have you ever wondered who invented the defibrillator and what their history is? You can find out here!   If you’d like the confidence…

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