“Which First Aid course do I need or is best?”

“What First Aid course?” “Which First Aid course should I take?” These are all great questions we get asked all the time! You need to choose the right First Aid course for you or your organisation – and we’re here to help. There are many First Aid courses available and not all will be appropriate…

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Our Top 5 uses of the Trusty Triangular bandage!

OK, life would be easier if we always had a range of big medical bags beside us with everything that we could possibly need. But in reality, we usually have to choose what to carry and what to leave behind in the pre-hospital setting where we carry what we need. Even if we don’t have to…

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First Aid Fundamentals

first aid training scenario

What is the Primary Survey in First Aid? You may have heard of the term ‘Primary Survey’ – but what is it? Simply put, we complete a Primary Survey to find all life threatening issues a casualty may have in order of priority. If we can find issues in order of priority, we can treat them in order of…

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Part Funded Defibrillator Programme in the North East!

Our latest life saving initiative offers part funded defibrillators to support small charities and sports clubs in the North East. The good news is we’ve part funded the first defibrillator! Life Saving Training is built on a vision to help save more lives through effective First Aid training that works in the real world. We’re…

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Successful Launch of the First Responder Course!

First Responder training

The new year brings new and exciting offerings to our valuable clients – with advanced level First Responder training being one of them! Almost 60% of people who die through injury in the UK could be saved by basic bystander First Aid. And in the UK, less than 10% of people who suffer an out…

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First Aid during COVID-19: What you need to know

Although there’s still some uncertainty around COVID-19 and when normal life will fully resume, one thing is certain – people will continue to choke. They’ll still bump their heads. They’ll have slips, trips and falls. People will continue to have heart attacks, cut their fingers – or worse. That’s life. We still need to help…

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Sepsis – What it is and why you need to know about it.

Sepsis mnemonic

What is sepsis? The short version… Sepsis is the body’s immune system over responding to an infection. Normally, our immune system fights infection. However, it can go into overdrive and attack our body’s own organs and tissues. Sepsis is responsible for about 5 deaths every hour in the UK, so it’s important to learn how…

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