“Which First Aid course do I need or is best?”

“What First Aid course?” “Which First Aid course should I take?” These are all great questions we get asked all the time! You need to choose the right First Aid course for you or your organisation – and we’re here to help. There are many First Aid courses available and not all will be appropriate…

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Working from Home

Sometimes people baulk at the words ‘Health and Safety’. But this is literally about keeping people ‘healthy and safe’ – something that most feel is worthwhile. During the current Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak many people are leaving their usual workplaces to work at home. This can lead to changes for employers and employees alike. Employers Employers…

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First Aid Needs Assessment Explained

First Aid Needs Assessment

Your First Aid Needs Assessment might conjure up a few questions. A common question we get asked at Life Saving Training is – “How many First Aiders do we need to be legally compliant?” A better question may be however, “How many First Aiders do we need to keep the people in our organisation safe?”…

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How often should you refresh first aid training?

Woman attending collapsed man

How often you should refresh first aid training is a question we get asked a lot and it’s a good question to ask! After all, it’s important to be sure you’re up to date and confident in your life saving skills! This means you’ll be more effective at helping others and less likely to panic…

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